Mackerel is very gentle, friendly and loves to play with cats smaller than him. At feeding time, his small size doesn’t stop him from bullying the big cats. He was born in 2019 and was adopted from a local rescue shelter in the same year.


Hazel is a real sweetheart: elegant, kind and affectionate. She loves human company and will head bunt your hand for affection. She seems to have few boundaries when it comes to petting and cuddling. She was born in 2019.


Ruby was born in March 2014 and had her eye removed due to a severe eye infection. Ruby has an amazing little personality, she loves pats, play and manages to look even cuter while sleeping. Despite her disability and sweet nature she does give as good as she gets with Read more…


Clyde is one of our reception cats. He looks like a tiny version of Shakespeare which makes them close to each other. Clyde is often seen on the staff reception desk greeting visitors. Clyde was adopted form the Lost Dog’s Home.