Nina is a sweet and loving Ragdoll with beautiful blue eyes. She likes to observe the action around her and adores chin scritches, and long naps on the bed. Nina was born in 2017 and rehomed to the Cat Café in 2019.


Jack is a Cornish Rex. He will be staying at the Cat Café for a period of time, he is a chatty cat especially when food is involved, he is also very affectionate and friendly and will no doubt be popular. Jack was born in 2020.


Mackerel is very gentle, friendly and loves to play with cats smaller than him. At feeding time, his small size doesn’t stop him from bullying the big cats. He was born in 2019 and was adopted from a local rescue shelter in the same year.


Cinnamon is our rare female ginger. She’s affectionate, friendly and likes to play with people. She’s also a curious cat that always tries to find a new adventure. If she’s in a good mood she may sit on your lap.She was born in 2017 and got adopted from a local Read more…


Momo is a female Ragdoll born in 2014. Momo was surrendered to the Cat Cafe because the previous owner was allergic to cats. Momo is a vocal cat who enjoys sitting on people’s lap.


Maple is a sweet, engaging explorer who appreciates pets and  playtime. She was the athlete of her litter, with great energy, but she has always had a mellow side and still likes being petted and cheek rubbed. She was born in 2019.