Welcome to Australia’s first Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Melbourne is Australia’s first cat cafe! We offer a unique social experience where customers can play, pat and relax with our friendly cats. You can even have coffee and snacks while inside with the kitties! Our rescue resident cats live at the premises and have everything they need right at their paw-tips.

If you would like to visit Cat Cafe Melbourne please read our Bookings Page for rules of entry and the FAQs page for more information. You can book a session with the cats through the booking page calendar. We do advise booking ahead as there are limited places per session. Please note we do have an age restriction of 8 years old and over only.

Cat cafes are becoming known world wide, the first opening in Taiwan in 1998. In city centres it can be difficult to rent a flat that allows animals, and owning an animal for its entire life is a serious and costly responsibility, and so cat cafes are a great solution. It has also been scientifically proven that interacting with cats can lower high blood pressure, stress, depression and anxiety.

Thank you for visiting Cat Cafe Melbourne online!