All visitors must be 8 years old and over to visit the Cat Cafe. Every 2 children must be accompanied by an adult. We like to create a calm and relaxing environment for our cats and guests. Therefore, we are not a suitable venue for young children. 

There is no best time to visit. Cats are independent animals and their behaviour can be unpredictable at times. We should respect their natural behaviours and feelings. They are not always playful some of the cats can sometimes get nervous with people they have never met. They are not here for entertainment. The idea of a Cat Cafe is to offer a calm and relaxing environment for visitors to socialize with our cats.

Walk-ins are welcomed but we cannot guarantee entry if we are full. We have limited capacity for each session. We strongly recommend you book online to secure your spot. However, if space allows the entry fee at the door starts from $19.50 (Entry Only) per person. Please note that entry fees at the door is $1 more than our online prices. 

No. We reserve the right to accept walk-in visitors any time. 

You don’t have to print your order confirmation if you have already booked online. You can just show up at reception with your full name and present the confirmation email on your mobile.

Please reply to your booking confirmation email before bringing extra persons with you who have not booked. We cannot guarantee their entry if we are full.

Bookings can be rescheduled on a one-off basis. We require visitors to provide at least 24 hours notice when rescheduling. We do not allow bookings to be split into different days/times. Please reply to the booking confirmation email received from us and provide your new preferred date and time so that our staff can get back to you with a confirmation. 

All bookings are non-refundable if any participant failed to turn up for their session or have booked surplus entries. All bookings cannot be exchanged for cash, store credit and store merchandise. If you fail to show up on the day or decide to cancel your booking, the amount will be treated as donation, contributing to towards the cats’ care.

Our sessions run on time. We will not be able to give you extra time if you are late. You may purchase an extra session if space allows. 

We have two levels for our cats to move freely.  Our ground floor lounge is only a small area. There is no lift in the premises and there are about 20 steps to climb to the upper lounge. We can only fit 1 wheelchair/walker in our ground floor lounge and toilet is located on second floor. Please let us know in advance if you are coming in a wheelchair or with a walker.

We are not affiliated with the Companion Card Program. We are a small private enterprise and receive no funding and therefore do not have the capacity to offer free entry to companions.

Our cats have the freedom to roam our two-level property, with their own spacious rooms upstairs and downstairs. The cats have the option to retreat to their own rooms if they prefer not to engage with visitors. 

We kindly ask our guests to store their bags in the storage cabinet and remove their shoes before entering the cat lounge to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for the cats.

We cannot allow guests to their guide dogs or their own cats. We cannot put our resident cats under unnecessary stress with other animals they are not familiar with. 

Please do not pick up the cats. We understand it is tempting but we don’t ever want the cats to be forced into interactions against their will. Please ensure the cats are free to make their own choices at all times. 

We provide toys for you to play with the cats. They like to chase rather than have toys dangled right in front of their faces. Sometimes they won’t be in the mood to play, and we ask you to respect their choices. 

Most of our cats are resident cats. We may have some cats available for adoption from time to time. Please check with our staff during your visit. 

We are not a full service dining cafe. Our menu is limited to drinks served in takeaway cups for our guests to carry into the cat lounge. 

DO NOT bring your own food/drinks. Only food/drinks purchased from us can be consumed in the cat lounge

DO NOT bring your own cat food/treats. Only treats purchased from us can be given to our cats. 

You can support us by visiting and recommend us to your friends and relatives. You can also purchase our digital gift vouchers online which can be emailed to someone with your personalised message. The gift vouchers can be used for future online bookings as well as purchasing our wide range of merchandise for cat lovers in-store. Alternatively, we accept monetary donation via our Donation page.

Please register your interest to volunteer with us by emailing