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Name: Garnet Age: 13 Breed: Domestic Medium Hair Gender: Female Microchip: Yes Spayed: Yes Vaccinations: Yes Space: Unknown Friendly with others animals: No

Garnet loves being around family especially in the evening time otherwise spends most of her day in another room sleeping.

She used to be both an outside and inside cat but changed that when a neighbour’s cat wasn’t looked after and was ridden with fleas which affected Garnet and the family. She became an indoors cat after being treated intensely for flea control and deep cleaning the house. From time to time she wants to go outside but from our fear of her getting lots of fleas again, we haven’t allowed her to go outside but we would love to let her roam if the environment was better suited.

She now has a special diet because she has suffered from high thyroid problems and it is now well controlled and the vet is happy with her improvement.

We are only giving her away because of the families health issues being priority one and we can unfortunately not take care of Garnet anymore even though we love her immensely. We would love for her to go to a loving family that will look after her and hopefully she can go outdoors again because she would love that!

Owner name: Danny Busuttil
Owner phone: 0424422636
Owner email:
Owner Location: Hoppers Crossing, 3029
Source number: EE140496