Meet Our Cats

Here at Cat Cafe Melbourne we have 11 lovely felines just waiting for your love and affection.

We have included a little about their unique personalities along with their picture so that you know who your petting, and what your favourite ones name is!


Winter post image

Named for her grey colouring, Winter has a face that could melt any heart. People have literally gasped at her beauty! She loves attention and pats from people, but just be careful as she can suddenly get quite frisky! She loves to playfully swipe at the other cats and then run away. She seems to be unsure if she wants to be a member of the kitten chaos group, seeming to prefer guerilla tactics for entertainment. Winter was from the Lost Dogs Home.


Braveheart post image

This little guy is our second youngest kitten. He had a bit of a rough start at life with a severe eye infection resulting in his right eye being removed, but this has not stopped him being as curious and playful as the rest of the kittens. He is often in with the rest of the kittens during play time and loves wrestling with Ruby (an even match!). His personality matches his sweet little face which has won him many admirers. Braveheart was from the Lost Dogs Home.


Clara post image

This girl embodies her larger cat relative instincts. She will always best her fellow kitties when playing or pouncing and goes for anything that moves. She is not the most affectionate towards people, however she does often groom the other kittens, perhaps as a way of apologising for beating them up!

If you are lucky enough to be graced with her attention, she has gorgeous soft fur and loves a head scratch. Clara was from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society and was a bonded pair with Lexi.


Shakespeare post image

Our lucky black cat!

Shakespeare has a very large and dramatic personality as his name suggests. His purr will start up with pats and he is ever curious and playful. His little pot belly is a testament to his love of food! His cheeky little face is guaranteed to make him a favourite at the cat cafe. Shakespeare is from the Lost Dogs Home.


Jasper post image

Jasper is most definitely our most vocal cat! He will meow for pats, food, play, and pretty much anything. He is also our second best lap cat after Burma. Jasper will happily make himself at home on your lap as long as you will bathe him with love and pats. He can be a little shy when it comes to playing with the other cats but does his best. Jasper is from the Lost Dogs Home.


Lexi post image

Being the shiest out of the bunch, Lexi is often by herself sunbathing, sleeping, or looking for pats. She is the only female at Cat Cafe Melbourne to have previously had a litter and she does have a ‘mum’ vibe about her. She loves to get gentle pats from people and doesn’t mind being picked up. She finds she is a little too old to fit into the kitten chaos group, but enjoys watching their antics and on rare occasions she will even join in. Lexi was from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society and was a bonded pair with Clara.


Waldo post image

A known trouble maker, Waldo is always in the middle of the kitten chaos group. He loves to play with anything that moves, including the older cats tails! He particularly likes the tickle sticks and will go for them when they are dragged across the floor. When he is tired or wants attention he will seek out a lap to fall asleep in, or cuddle up with another kitten. Waldo was from the Lost Dogs Home.


Lynx post image

This distinguished gentleman is our second oldest cat at 7 years old. Unlike most cats he loves to stare people directly in the eye and watch everything that goes on around him. He has taught the young ones to stay away from him as he is only interested in three things; pats, sleep and food! And he doesn’t mind the old belly rub

He doesn’t always want to be picked up, but when he is he doesn’t want to let go! He grips on like a koala and you may need help getting him off. On the rare occasions that he plays, he does so in a very serious way. Lynx was from the Lost Dogs Home.

Lynx is sponsored by The Catz Pyjamas ( from our campaign.


Sherlock post image

This little guy is sure to break some hearts! When he is not zooming around with the kitten chaos group he seeks someone out for affection. He has no qualms about climbing into your lap and patting your face with his paw to let you know he wants pats and words of praise. If he is pleased with your love he may give you a love bite in return, ouch!

His favourite sleeping place is a sheep skin rug which he almost seamlessly camouflages into except for his grey markings. Sherlock was from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.


Lottie post image

Lovely Lottie loves attention! She adores nothing more than being the centre of attention and showered with praise and pats. She will reward you with a very loud and enthusiastic purr and possibly a love bite or two. The only thing bigger than her purr is her enormous fluffy tail! She is also a member of the kitten chaos group and joins in whenever something moves. Lottie was from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

Lottie is sponsored by Rosemary Cass from our campaign.


Lopez post image

Lopez may very well win the award for being the cheekiest out of the kitten chaos group. He loves to start play-fights! He will attack other cats that are sleeping or minding their own business and he is always up for a bit of play time. He is constantly curious and communicates with short high-pitched chattering. Lopez is from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.


Ruby post image

Our sweet and precious Ruby is our youngest cat resident. She was born in March 2014 and had her eye removed due to a severe eye infection. Ruby has an amazing little personality, she loves pats, play and manages to look even cuter while sleeping. Despite her disability and sweet nature she does give as good as she gets with the other cats during play! Ruby was from the Lost Dogs Home.