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The Purrfect Haven

Welcome to Australia’s first Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Melbourne is Australia’s first cat cafe! We will offer a whole new social environment never before experienced in Australia. We will provide a fun, comfortable, and most importantly, kitty filled space for you to relax and play with 15 lovely cats from rescue shelters. The cats will live at the premises, therefore they will have everything they could possibly ever need right at their paw-tips.

If you would like to visit Cat Cafe Melbourne please read our Bookings Page for regulations and frequently asked questions. You can book a session with the cats by clicking the ‘Book Now‘ button at the top of the main page. Please be aware that the Melbourne City Council has placed strict restrictions on what we are able to offer for food and beverages. For more information visit our FAQs page.

Cat Cafe’s are becoming known world wide, the first opening in Taiwan in 1998, and since spreading to Japan, Vienna, Russia, Germany, China, Thailand, the UK, France, and more! The success of Cat Cafes is due to several reasons, the main one being that cats are awesome. In city centres it can be difficult to rent a flat that allows animals, and owning an animal for its entire life is a big responsibility and costly, therefore Cat Cafes are a great solution to these problems.

It has also been proven that interacting with cats can lower high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.

Thanks you for visiting Cat Cafe Melbourne online!