Maple is a sweet, engaging explorer who appreciates pets and  playtime. She was the athlete of her litter, with great energy, but she has always had a mellow side and still likes being petted and cheek rubbed. She was born in 2019.


Mocha was brought to our care at about 3 month old. She loves to be part of the action, but is still on the shy side when it comes to being pet. Mocha loves playtime and is always around for treats. Mocha was born in 2020.


Lovely Lottie loves attention! She adores nothing more than being the centre of attention and showered with praise and pats. She will reward you with a very loud and enthusiastic purr and possibly a love bite or two. The only thing bigger than her purr is her enormous fluffy tail! Read more…


Meet Colby! this sweet boy adores attention and likes to be in the middle of whatever you are doing, he loves to play with whatever toys he can find. Colby is very smart and loves a good head scratch. Colby was adopted from the shelter in July 2021.


Hazel is a real sweetheart: elegant, kind and affectionate. She loves human company and will head bunt your hand for affection. She seems to have few boundaries when it comes to petting and cuddling. She was born in 2019.


Our lucky black cat! Shakespeare is a very sweet natured cat. He never upsets any other cat and he is quite gentle during play fights. His little pot belly is a testament to his love of food! His cheeky little face is guaranteed to make him a favourite at the Read more…